Waterproof Masking Paper

Mechanically, solvent and waterproof high-quality masking paper for overspray protection of vehicle surfaces that are not subject to refinish

Art.: 1-230-1320, roll 1300 mm x 200 m
Art.: 1-230-1520, roll 150 mm x 200 m
Art.: 1-230-6020, roll 600 mm x 200 m
Art.: 1-230-8520, roll 850 mm x 200 m

Mobile Masking Paper Dispenser

Dispenser accommodating 3 separate rolls of masking paper at a time; fitted with masking tape-removing rollers; perfect solution for fast and cost-saving masking to provide overspray protection to vehicles; max. width of a roll is 90 cm

Art.: 1-225-0001