Cloth Tape

This tape is a polythene cloth laminated self-adhesive tape with waterproof high tack adhesive specially formulated to allow clean removal without any adhesive residues

Art.: 9-150-5050, 50 mm x 50 m, thickness 0.3 mm

Protective Film for Steering Wheel

Transparent film for vehicle steering wheel protection during repair; supplied in a 150 m roll, width 12.5 cm, w/o dispenser

Art.: 3-110-0150, roll 150 m x 12.5 cm

Film Roll Dispenser

Dispenser for steering wheel protective film, length 26 cm

Art.: 3-140-0001

Double Sided Mounting Tape

This high quality tape is a combination of high quality polythene foam and high tack acrylic adhesive with excellent aging and weather resistant properties

Art.: 9-170-0910, 9 mm x 10 m, thickness 0.8 mm
Art.: 9-170-1210, 12 mm x 10 m, thickness 0.8 mm
Art.: 9-170-1910, 19 mm x 10 m, thickness 0.8 mm

Seat Cover (500 pcs.)

Polyethylene pre-cut seat cover 82x130 cm for masking vehicle seats during repair; 500 pcs. in cross-perforated rolls for easy tear-off, film thickness 10 μm

Art.: 3-120-0500

Fine Line Tape

Fine Line Masking Tape is a combination of thermally stabilized PVC backing and rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive; it is suitable for application on a wide variety of surfaces

Art.: 9-140-0333, 3 mm x 33 mm, thickness 163 μm
Art.: 9-140-0633, 6 mm x 33 mm, thickness 163 μm
Art.: 9-140-1233, 12 mm x 33 mm, thickness 163 μm

Lifting Tape

This tape is a combination of high temperature impregnated medium crepe paper and rubber pressure sensitive adhesive; the product is perforated which makes it simple and easy to use; high flexibility allows following contours and tight curves

Art.: 9-160-5010, 50 mm x 10 m, thickness 0.265 mm

Masking Film Dispenser

The dispenser allows one person to perform complete vehicle masking

Art.: 1-205-0001

Parking Sensor Masking Disc

Parking Sensor Masking Disc is a combination of polyester film and high temperature silicone adhesive; this adhesive cover protects the sensor throughout the repair process preventing damage from sanding, painting and polishing

Art.: 9-185-0060, Ø18 mm, thickness 88 μ

Disposable Floor Mat (500 pcs.)

Disposable auto floor mats

Art.: 3-100-0500, 38 cm x 50 cm