Filling putties

Soft Putty

High quality two component filling polyester putty with fine grain composition for smoothening small and middle-size irregularities. Can be used as fine putty for small defect removal before application of finishing coatings

Art.: 2-121-0500, 0.5 kg (can), incl. hardener
Art.: 2-121-1000, 1.0 kg (can), incl. hardener
Art.: 2-121-1800, 1.8 kg (can), incl. hardener

Glass Putty

Two component polyester putty reinforced with fiberglass is used for filling small holes and areas damaged by corrosion; the product suits for deep dents filling too

Art.: 2-141-0500, 0.5 kg (can), incl. hardener
Art.: 2-141-1000, 1.0 kg (can), incl. hardener
Art.: 2-141-1800, 1.8 kg (can), incl. hardener

Multi Putty

Multifunctional two-component polyester putty for steel, galvanized steel, aluminium and fiberglass plastics

Art.: 2-210-1500, 1.5 kg (cartridge), incl. hardener
Art.: 2-210-2000, 2.0 kg (can), incl. hardener

Spray Putty

Two component polyester sprayable putty for filling surface irregularities, sanding marks and pinholes on car and commercial vehicle body parts as well as on vehicle structural components

Art.: 2-251-1000, 1.0 kg (can), incl. hardener