Paints and clear coats

Black Paint Spray (400 ml)

High quality fast drying paint for application on preliminary treated or untreated surfaces

Art.: 4-141-0400, matt
Art.: 4-142-0400, glossy

High Gloss Clearcoat Spray (400 ml)

High quality glossy clearcoat for spot repairs of car body coatings

Art.: 7-201-0400

Fade-out Thinner Spray (400 ml)

Fade-out thinner for blending of clear coats and 2K paints during spot repairs

Art.: 7-551-0400

Silver Wheel Spray (400 ml)

High quality fast drying paint spray

Art.: 4-143-0400

Texture Paint Spray (400 ml)

High quality fast drying texture paint for restoration of original structure of damaged plastic car parts, e.g. bumpers, dashboards, door trims, mirrors and etc.

Art.: 4-171-0400

Thermo Paint Spray 650°С (400 ml)

High quality heat-resistant black paint spray is used for treating parts exposed to high-temperature heating

Art.: 4-151-0400

Fillable Spray Can (400 ml)

C.A.R.FIT Fillable Spray Can is an alternative to conventional spray guns used for small or spot repairs of cars. Any 1K materials can be easily applied with the spray can

Art.: 7-501-0400