Plastic Primer

One component adhesion promoter for plastic substrates; used for plastic parts priming prior to application of subsequent materials

Art.: 4-355-1000, 1 L

2K Epoxy Primer 1:1

High quality 2K epoxy primer (light-grey color) used as an insulation coating; anticorrosion properties; wet on wet application

Art.: 4-390-0500, 0.5 L

Hardener for 2К Epoxy Primer 1:1

Hardener for 2K epoxy primer 1:1

Art.: 4-415-0500, 0.5 L

2K Wash Primer 2:1

Two component wash primer (beige color) with excellent anticorrosion properties; good adhesion to different surfaces

Art.: 4-398-0800, 0.8 L

Activator for 2K Wash Primer 2:1

Activator for 2K Wash primer 2:1

Art.: 4-420-0400, 0.4 L