2K MS Clearcoat industrial use

Two-component medium solid gloss acrylic clear coat for two-coat finishes in partial and complete vehicle refinish

Art.: 7-153-1500, 1 L Clearcoat + 0.5 L Standard Hardener
Art.: 7-154-1500, 1 L Clearcoat + 0.5 L Fast Hardener
Art.: 7-155-1500, 1 L Clearcoat + 0.5 L Slow Hardener
Art.: 7-153-5000, 5 L, Clearcoat

2K HS Scratch Resistant Clearсoat 2:1

Two-component high gloss acrylic clear coat is a special finishing coating with excellent appearance and high scratch resistant properties; the product is VOC compliant

Art.: 7-221-1000, 1 L
Art.: 7-221-5000, 5 L