2К HS Perfect Clearcoat

Two-component High Solid acrylic clear coat for complete or partial car refinish using two-coat technology "base coat + clear coat"; for two-coat paintworks in car refinishing

Art.: 7-122-1000, 1 L
Art.: 7-122-5000, 5 L

2K Ultra HS Clearсoat

Two-component Ultra High Solid acrylic clear coat is a special finishing coating with excellent appearance and scratch resistant properties; the product is VOC compliant

Art.: 7-401-1000, 1 L
Art.: 7-401-5000, 5 L

Rapid Air Clear Coat VOC

Fast drying clear coat with perfect gloss and high coverage; aasy and quick application; air drying: 70 min at 20°C

Art.: 7-325-1000, 1 L
Art.: 7-326-5000, 5 L

2K UHS LOW VOC Clearcoat

UHS acrylic clear coat with excellent gloss; its extreme short drying time does not affect its perfect appearance

Art.: 7-120-1000, 1 L
Art.: 7-120-5000, 5 L

Matt Clearcoat

2K acrylic clear coat with gloss level of 15-20 units at 60° angle, special matt finish, uniform matt surface

Art.: 7-440-1000, 1L clearcoat