Soft Masking Foam Tape

Soft Masking Foam Tape

Soft Masking Foam Tape made of polyurethane foam with rubber pressure sensitive adhesive.

The product is designed for masking door apertures to prevent the ingress of paint during the automotive re¬finish process.

• A simple way to mask your car and protect the interior
• Supplied in dispensing box in multiple strips of 5 m length
• For use on B and C apertures
• Reduces levels of hard paint edges
• Residues free removal

Rubber, glass, metal parts, chrome-plated surfaces, OEM/refinishing coatings.

Art.: 9-110-0500, 13 mm x 50 m, thickness 11 mm


Color white
Heat resistance 95°C / 1 h
Peel adhesion N/25 mm 6
Density 30±4 kg/m³