Spray Putty

Spray Putty

Two component polyester sprayable putty for filling surface irregularities, sanding marks and pinholes on car and commercial vehicle body parts as well as on vehicle structural components. Spray Putty is suitable for creation of even layers on big surfaces before application of fillers and subsequent paintwork materials.

Sprayable polyester material for eliminating car and commercial vehicle body imperfections.

• After drying the material creates smooth, pore-free and easy to sand surface
• Fast drying
• High hardness, bending stiffness, impact and vibration resistance
• Intended for manual/machine dry sanding

Steel, fiberglass plastics, wood, polyester materials, OEM substrates*.

*Do not apply on one component (etch and anticorrosive) primers and thermoplastics. Application on paintwork coatings is not recommended.

Art.: 2-251-1000, 1.0 kg (can), incl. hardener



Color grey
Density 1600–1700 g/L
Flash point < 32°C
VOC 220 g/L
EU limit value 2004/42/IIB(b)(250)