Plastic Repair Kit

Plastic Repair Kit

Repair kit for restoration of damaged steel and glass reinforced plastic parts, e.g. repair of rusted through areas, cracks and small holes in metal parts. The glass fiber impregnated with polyester resin creates a strong coating which should be overcoat with filling putties during further repair. The kit contains polyester resin, catalyst and 0.5x0.5m glass mat.

The product is ideal for repair of car structural components, tanks, architectural parts and etc.

• Excellent adhesion to glass reinforced plastic and steel surfaces
• Polyester resin is a thixotropic product which can be easily applied
• After product hardening its surface is not sticky

Glass reinforced plastics, steel, laminated plastics.

Art.: 2-221-0250, 0.25 kg



Color amber yellow
Density 1120-1150 g/L
Flash point 33°C
VOC 62 g/L
EU limit value 2004/42/IIB(b)(250)