2K HS Acryl Primer Filler 4:1 grey

2K HS Acryl Primer Filler 4:1 grey

2K HS Acryl Primer Filler 4:1 – high quality two component acrylic primer filler for treatment of automotive parts made of various standard materials. This is the ideal product that ensures the perfect appearance of parts after refinish. The primer filler has excellent filling properties. The product is VOC compliant.

Intended use
Suitable for repair of light and medium damages of metal body parts or parts treated with polyester putties.

• Excellent flow
• 3 available colors allows effective overcoat of surfaces of any colors
• Excellent filling properties
• Fast drying even if applied in maximally thick layers
• Easy to sand

Steel, aluminum, all kinds of primed metal surfaces, fiberglass, polyester putties, 2K acrylic fillers/primers, OEM and refinishing coatings.

Art.: 4-103-0800
Art.: 4-203-3600



MSDS in other languages are available on request by email to : info@augusthandel.com

Color grey
Density 1500-1540 g/L
Flash point 23-25°C
VOC < 540 g/L
EU limit value 2004/42/IIB(c)(540)