Stone Chip Protection Spray (500 ml)

Stone Chip Protection Spray (500 ml)

Stone chip spray is ideal coating for underbody protection from road gravel. The product forms durable elastic film with anticorrosion and sound deadening properties ensuring reliable protection of wheel housings and chassis of vehicles.

For treatment of car and commercial vehicle bodies.

• Corrosion protection and sound deadening
• Excellent adhesion
• Long-lasting elasticity
• Good resistance to weather effects, abrasion, weak acids and bases.

Various metal surfaces, primed metal parts, fully cured old / OEM coatings.

Art.: 5-601-0500, black
Art.: 5-602-0500, grey


MSDS black / grey

Packaging 500 ml
Color black, grey
Density 0,837 g/cm³
Flash point 0°C
Salt spray test (DIN50021) Ri 0 / 240 hours / 250 µ
Basis rubber