Cavity Protection Spray (500 ml)

Cavity Protection Spray (500 ml)

C.A.R.FIT cavity protection spray is used for corrosion protection of vehicle body cavities especially such susceptible to rust parts as doors, side panels, boot lids, bonnets and etc. Rust can be easily prevented by regular application of a thin coat of cavity protection spray. The product forms a sticky self-repairing coat without any wax smell even if heated in the sun or motor compartment.

For treatment of car and commercial vehicle bodies.

• Easily penetrates cavities
• Effectively repels water
• Easy to apply
• Provides good corrosion protection
• Good resistance to weather effects, weak acids and bases.

Various metal surfaces, primed metal parts, fully cured old / OEM coatings.

Art.: 5-500-0500



Packaging 500 ml
Color white, transparent
Density 0,702 g/cm³
Flash point 0°C
Salt spray test (DIN50021) Ri 0 / 240 h / 50 µ
Basis wax