1K Hi-Build Primer Filler Spray (400 ml)

1K Hi-Build Primer Filler Spray (400 ml)

One component primer filler spray is used as adhesion promoter or filler depending on coat quantity applied.

Suitable for small and spot repair of metal body parts or parts treated with polyester putties.

• Reliable corrosion protection
• Fast drying at room temperature
• Seals unprotected areas of metal surface
• Can be overcoated with any waterborne and solvent-based topcoats
• Can be used as a weld through primer for contact welding.

Metal, all kinds of primed metal surfaces, fiberglass plastics, polyester putties, 2K acrylic fillers/primers, OEM and refinishing coatings.

Art.: 4-500-0400, grey
Art.: 4-501-0400, white
Art.: 4-502-0400, black


MSDS grey/white/black

Packaging 400 ml
Color grey, white, black
Density 0,834 g/cm³
Flash point 0°C
Basis polyvinyl butyral
Temperature resistance up to 250°C