Multi Soft Putty

Multi Soft Putty

High quality two component polyester putty with fine grain composition for smoothing irregularities in the car refinishing sector, vehicles and mechanical engineering.

Universal polyester material for eliminating car and commercial vehicle body imperfections.

• Maximum stability on vertical surfaces
• No cracking on the edges by fine sanding
• Forms a compact, smooth top quality surface
• Does not clog the sandpaper
• Intended for manual/machine dry sanding.

Steel, galvanized surfaces, aluminum, carbon and fiberglass plastics, polyester materials, OEM substrates*.

*Do not apply on one component (etch and anticorrosive) primers and thermoplastics. Application on paintworks is not recommended.

Art.: 2-250-0900, 0.9 kg (can), incl. hardenerr
Art.: 2-250-1400, 1.4 kg (cartridge), incl. hardener
Art.: 2-250-1800, 1.8 kg (can), incl. hardener
Art.: 2-250-3000, 3.0 kg (cartridge), incl. hardener



Color grey
Density 1608 g/L
Flash point 32°C
VOC max. 4 g/L
EU limit value 2004/42/IIB(b)(250)