2K US Filler 4:1

2K US Filler 4:1

Fast drying and easy sanding two component filler for car refinish. The material has high filling power and good adhesion. Provides excellent protection against corrosion.

Suitable for repair of light and medium damages of primed metal body parts or parts treated with polyester putties.

• Non-shrink
• Non-stain formulation
• Coat thickness up to 250 µ possible.
• Easy to sand - saves time, effort and sanding paper
• No clogging of the sanding paper
• VOC compliant.

All kinds of primed metal surfaces, polyester putties, 2K acrylic fillers/primers, OEM and refinishing coatings.

Art.: 4-240-1000, 1 L
Art.: 4-240-4000, 4 L



Color grey
Density 1648 g/L
Flash point 29°C
VOC max 529 g/L
EU limit value 2004/42/IIB(c)(540)