2K Fast Air Filler 3:1

2K Fast Air Filler 3:1

Top-quality fast drying acrylic primer-filler. Excellent adhesion to bare metal. Sanding after 1h after application. Air drying: 60 minutes at 20°C.

Suitable for repair of light and severe damages of metal body parts or parts treated with polyester putties.

• Fast drying : 60 min at 20°C
• Direct adhesion to metal surfaces
• Standard and Hi-build applications
• Provide smooth surface for superb topcoat appearance
• Easy to sand - saves time, effort and sanding paper
• No clogging of the sanding paper
• VOC compliant

Steel, all kinds of primed metal surfaces, fiberglass plastics, polyester putties, 2K acrylic fillers/primers, OEM and refinishing coatings.

Art.: 4-420-1000, 1 L
Art.: 4-420-3000, 3 L



Color light grey
Density 1500-1530 g/L
Flash point 24°C
VOC < 540 g/L
EU limit value 2004/42/IIB(c)(540)