Windglass Glue black

Windglass Glue black

Windglass Glue is a one component, thixotropic, moisture curing polyurethane adhesive, primarily used for automotive direct glazing with and without airbag. It cures in a longer time allowing application on big windscreens such as buses and trucks.

Windscreen direct glazing.

Drive Away Time - 2 hours (for car fitted with both driver and passenger airbags)
• Rapid application and curing
• Suitable for cold application
• Good stability/workability – no sag
• Short cut-off string
• High shear modulus
• High electrical volume resistivity 1 G Ωxcm
• Non-conductive: suitable for use with integral aerials
• Prevents contact corrosion in aluminium-body vehicles.

Various metal surfaces, incl. glass, aluminum , ceramic coatings, old/OEM coatings.

Operational characteristics:
Shore A at 23°C / 50% r.h (DIN 53505): 55
G modulus at 10%: ≥ 2.0 N/mm²
Tensile strength (ISO 37 / DIN 53504): ≥ 9.0 N/mm²
Elongation (ISO 37 / DIN 53504): ≥ 300%
Application temperature: +5°C...+40°C
Temperature resistance: -40°C...+90°C, brief point at 140°C

Art.: 5-132-0310, 310 ml



Color black
Density 1360 g/L
Flash point 100°C
VOC 0%
EU limit value 2004/42/IIB(e)(840)