Tack Coating for Spray Booth

Tack Coating for Spray Booth

Booth mask safely binds paint, dust and overspray particles that tend to settle on spray booth walls and ceiling panels, thus preventing contamination of the surface being refinished. The compound stays
transparent and water-soluble.
Thin and sticky protective film never dries out on the wall, ensuring safe dust and overspray binding. Once the film loses its particle-binding capacity, it can be easily washed off with water and a sponge and then

For overspray and dust protection of spray booth walls.

• Provides dust protection of the object being refinished
• Protects spray booth surfaces from paint, dust and overspray
• Specially designed to protect glass and lights without impacting light permeability and reflection capacity.
• Easy to apply and remove
• Very cost-effective. Depending on the level of contamination, the coating should be replenished once in
a few weeks.
• 100% environmentally-friendly.

Aluminium, steel and galvanized walls of spray booth cabins; fully cured and clean paintworks.

Art.: 3-402-0005, 5 L



Color Colorless
Density 1065 g/L
Flash point (°C) No data available