Stone Chip Protection grey

Stone Chip Protection grey

Synthetic resin-based stone chip protection of vehicle underbody and lower body. The coating can be primed or overpainted in any color within 30-40 minutes after drying. The coating has high durability and excellent resistance to abrasive wear. It also has sound deadening and vibration absorbing properties.

For treatment of car and commercial vehicle bodies.

• Supplied in a bottle–always ready for use
• Recoatable
• Produces a durable coating that is resistant to abrasive wear and aggressive chemicals
• Sound deadening and vibration absorbing properties.

Various metal surfaces, primed metal parts, old/OEM coatings.

Art.: 5-601-1000, 1 kg



Packaging 1 kg bottle
Color grey
Density (20°С) 1460 g/L
Flash point 5°С
VOC 410 g/L
EU limit value 2004/42/IIB(e)(840)