New Product from C.A.R. FIT: Rapid Clearcoat 1:1


Rapid Clearcoat 1:1

Dear Customers,

The body repair consumables range C.A.R. FIT Black Label has been complemented with an interesting new product. Rapid Clearcoat 1:1 is a unique product for Fast Repair.

  • Low baking time at 60°С takes only 15 minutes and air drying at 20°С takes 35-40 minutes.
  • After drying the clearcoat is solid enough for polishing and handling. 
  • The C.A.R. FIT express clearcoat is extremely easy to apply, has excellent flow, absorbs overspray and develops no orange peel.
  • Unlike many other express clearcoats, the C.A.R. FIT clearcoat does not have the undesirable quality of forming a dry film on the surface while the lower material coats stay wet, making any further operations on the painted surface impossible.
  • The new product has excellent gloss, high solidity, resistance to mechanical and chemical abuse.
  • C.A.R. FIT’s Rapid Clearcoat 1:1 can be used for spot repair and complete refinish.

Art. No.: 7-185-0500