New Product from CAR FIT: Silicone Remover (strawberry) and Filler Tinting Paste (black)


Dear Customers.

We hereby inform you about the launch of new products in the Car Fit Black Label refinish product range:

Silicone Remover (strawberry) Silicone Remover (strawberry)

Strawberry scented silicone remover based on volatile organic solvents is used for pre-treatment of old/OEM finish coatings as well as primed and filler-treated substrates. The product is also suitable for cleaning plastic substrates of resins, silicone, oil, grease, sanding dust and other contaminants. This silicone remover is a non-toxic, halohydrocarbon-free and ozone-friendly product.

Art. No.: 7-550-1000 (Size: 1L)

Art. No.: 7-550-5000 (Size: 5L)


Filler Tinting Paste (black) Filler Tinting Paste (black)

Tinting paste for 1К and 2К acrylic solvent-based fillers. The addition of this paste does not affect filler application. Various amounts of the paste added (1-5% filler by weight) produce coatings with different shades of grey.

Art. No.: 4-330-0501 (Size: 500 ml)